Music emerges from noise…

I think every musician started off playing a musical instrument with more noise than music. I don’t know whether I’m saying this to console myself or if that is really true, because I’m embarking on that journey today. I went ahead and purchased a guitar quite impulsively and now I feel the need to learn how to play it. I know that I’m older than the Himalayas and this is probably not a great time to start learning an instrument – but better late than never, right? Right!

But somehow, moments like these make me think how similar our earthly lives are to music more and more. The more you actually live life out, the better it starts to look. If you just sit in a corner and rust, don’t take any risks and play it safe all the time, there’s nothing much coming out from the instrument of life except noise – or worse, silence. It’s like the piano with the stiff keys covered with dust sitting in the corner of the room, silent and bare.

There are bound to be some tough decisions to make in life. I made one this week, and I still don’t know how much that decision is going to impact me. But it makes me feel strangely liberated.

You’re also going to have to explain some of these decisions to your friends. I had a conversation with one of my friends and ended up explaining why I did some things that were not very satisfactory to him. I don’t think he understood and I don’t think I can make anyone understand. But that is also strangely liberating. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m free.

So enjoy the courage daily decisions bring you. Enjoy the struggle – it’s worth every moment. But most of all, make these decisions – right or wrong, they’re your experience of life. You’ll learn.

Today’s word: fretboard

noun: (Music / Instruments) a fingerboard with frets on a stringed musical instrument.



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